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St. Croix Survey & Engineering LLC


Helping Build a Greater St. Croix and Virgin Islands

St. Croix Survey and Engineering LLC is a full service Survey, Mapping and Civil Design Firm with headquarters in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. We provide State- of-the-Art Survey, Mapping and Design solutions to Private, Municipal, Territorial and Federal clients in the U. S. Virgin Islands and abroad. We look forward to the opportunity to assist clients, both new and old, in any way we can.

Mission Statement

Since our inception into the Professional Community of Land Surveyors, Architects and Engineers in 1984, we have stayed true to our first Professional Canon, which is to “Protect the Public”, in our profession we are the keepers and creators of vital land records that are held and passed from one generation to the next, we hold that oath as sacred, and feel blessed to have been put in a position of such trust. We will continue to uphold that promise and protect the interests of the public that trusts us with their heritage.

In technical matters, we have continually stayed at the forefront of technologies relating to our profession, and will continue to push the envelope of what is possible to know by utilizing our extensive historical mapping database, proprietary digital mapping toolset, remotely sensed data and daily GPS observations, and air and ground based LIDAR mapping.

Our commitment is "To Help Build a Greater St. Croix and Virgin Islands". Contact us at your convenience and let us show you how to turn your dreams into reality today.