More Details on the Services Provided

Asbuilt Survey/ALTA/ACSM Title Survey

Asbuilt Maps are a key component of acquiring a bank loan to purchase/refinance a piece of land or house. These maps will identify any improvements, easements/rights of way, and encroachments by or onto other lands, and ensure that all VI zoning setback codes are complied with. Existing boundary markers will also be identified, if you would like to have any missing markers re-instated, please also request a Reset Missing Monuments. St. Croix Survey works with all leading banks, lenders and title insurance companies, and due to our extensive resources and records, have a quick turn-around from request for a survey to final plat delivered to your lender, typically a survey request can be completed and delivered in one to two days.


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Subdivisions and Partitions

Subdivisions are a great way to increase the value of a piece of land or divide it and pass it on to your heirs.  Whether it is subdividing your land in two or two hundred parcels, St. Croix Survey and Engineering has the resources and experience to help. From Initial Design and Budgeting, through Surveying, Engineering, Permitting, and Final Map Submission, we can help you identify the best locations for access roads, homes and driveways and ensure your land reaches its full potential and value.


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Boundary Survey/Reset Missing Monuments 

Over time, the boundary markers for properties can be destroyed, buried or obscured by vegetation. St. Croix Survey can use its extensive record database and knowledge to find existing markers and replace any missing ones. Knowing where your boundaries are is vital in ensuring the correct placement of new fences or improvements,  guaranteering that new structures comply with setbacks per the VI Zoning and Building codes.

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Construction Staking

We have successfully worked on every major construction layout project in St. Croix for the last 23 years, we have a long, unbroken history of completing complicated tasks on time, and on budget.  Our expertise and experience will insure that your project will be precisely placed where it belongs.  For the last four years, we have been staking the Christiansted Bypass for the U.S. Dept. of Transportation/Eastern Federal Lands, using our modern equipment and our experience and knowledge, you can be assured that your new building or other improvements are not only placed correctly, but are square and true.  

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Flood Insurance Surveys 

FEMA has identified certain areas of the Virgin Islands that are prone to stormwater flooding and this has a significant effect on your flood insurance premiums, and on whether or not flood insurance is required.  St. Croix Survey and Engineering can identify which Flood Zone your structures are located in and whether these structures comply with the building codes of that zone (typically ensuring that the floor level is a certain height above the surrounding land)


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